Maui 2016 Arbor Day Event


Saturday, November 5th, 9 a.m.–12 p.m.
Maui Nui Botanical Gardens
Arbor Day 1,000 Hawaiian Trees Giveaway

Trees will be given away at Maui Nui Botanical GardensIn honor of Hawai‘i’s extraordinary native trees, Maui Nui Botanical Gardens will host its annual Arbor Day 1,000 Hawaiian Trees Giveaway on Saturday, November 7, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

One thousand Hawaiian trees will be given away, and every attendee may take a free tree, regardless of age. Plant experts will help you find a tree that grows well in your area of residence and meets your specific needs.

This year's event will feature Hawaiian trees in motion! Discover the uses of wauke with members of the Maui Kapa Hui, learn to weave with the leaves of the hala tree, and make native flower lei with Nā Kamehameha Pā‘ū Parade riders. Don't miss free makahiki games for the whole family led Maui's Hawaiian immersion students.

Free demonstrations on proper tree care will be featured at the event. Conservation, cultural,  and other community organizations will also be celebrating Arbor Day at the gardens, sharing information about their organizations and how the public can take action regarding the important environmental issues we face here in Hawai‘i.

This event is sponsored by the County of Maui Office of Economic Development, Kaulunani Urban and Community Forestry Program, Maui Electric Company, and Maui Nui Botanical Gardens.

The following plants are being grown by Maui Nui Botanical Gardens for the giveaway. Additional plants species will be provided by Maui Electric.

‘A‘ali‘i  Dodonaea viscosa
‘Akia Wikstroemia uva-ursi
Alahe‘e Psydrax odorata
‘Ānapanapa  Colubrina asiatica
Hala  Pandanus tectorius
Hala pepe Chrysodracon auwahiensis
Hame  Antidesma pulvinatum
Kamani  Callophylum inophyllum
Koa  Acacia koa
Koai‘a Acacia koa var. koaia
Koki‘o ke‘oke‘o Hibiscus arnottianus subsp. arnottianus
Koki‘o ke‘oke‘o Hibiscus arnottianus subsp. immaculatus*
Koki‘o ‘ula‘ula Hibiscus kokio subsp. kokio
Koki‘o ‘ula‘ula Hibiscus kokio subsp. saintjohnnianus
Kou Cordia subcordata


Māmaki Pipturus albidus
Ma‘o Gossypium tomentosum
Milo Thespesia populnea
Naio Myoporum sandwicense
Nānū Gardenia brighamii*
‘Ohai Sesbania tomentosa*‘Ōhelo kai Lycium sandwicense
ʻŌhiʻa ‘ai Syzygium sandwicensis
ʻŌhi‘a lehua Metrosideros polymorpha
‘Ohe makai Polyscias sandwicensis
Cordyline fruticosa
‘Uki‘uki Dianella sandwicensis
‘Ulu Artocarpus altilius
Wauke Broussonetia papyrifera
Wiliwili Erythrina sandwicensis

*Endangered species

Click for pictures: Native Plants, Exotic Plants, Fruit Trees

Kids get a tree at Arbor Day HawaiiMaui Nui Botanical Gardens is located at 150 Kanaloa Avenue, across from the War Memorial Stadium, in Kahului. For more information, visit Maui Nui Botanical Gardens’ website at, or call (808) 249-2798.



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